Attention Baby Boomers:

Is your ideal retirement around the corner — or slipping out of reach?

Find out by attending our next seminar!

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What you can expect:

Financial professionals Bob Fugate and John Vandergriff will share information you need to hear if you have any questions about your retirement strategy (or lack thereof).

You will learn:

  • Strategies to help ensure you don’t outlive your money
  • What you need to know about legacy planning (so your loved ones aren’t subjected to unexpected costly legal obstacles)
  • Ways to help ensure stock market volatility won’t affect your retirement nest egg

Prefer to schedule a 1-on-1?:

  • Meet with one of our wealth planner at our office and see where your retirement stands
  • We'll discuss ways to develop strategies that can help you maintain your wealth confidently
  • Our free consultations take 30 minutes to an hour

If you have one evening to spare, we’ll answer your most pressing retirement questions.

  • What am I forgeting when it comes to my retirement strategy?

  • How will recent tax changes affect my retirement?

  • Is my current retirement strategy prepared for the unexpected?

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